Oilfield Power Generation Equipment Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

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  • 9th February 2022
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Oilfield power generation is a critical activity that necessitates the deployment of advanced machinery. The cutting-edge equipment actively responds to the obstacles that arise throughout the excavation process. They offer the necessary flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings to meet the requirements of oilfield drilling projects.

Generators that run on diesel

Quality generators can maintain the greatest levels of performance while weathering the rigours of an oilfield. Many have a one-of-a-kind design and are available for purchase or rental in a variety of models. They have capacities ranging from 20 kW (25 kVA) to 320 kW. (400 kVA). To ensure greater performance, engineers can electronically link and synchronise numerous diesel generators. These generator sets have an EPA Tier 4i Emission Rating, which means they are environmentally friendly.

Generators for Natural Gas

PSI-HD gaseous engines with radiator cooling provide power to high-power generators. Natural gas generators come in a variety of variants that provide total sound-attenuation and have a 77 dBA sound rating. They follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s existing non-road exhaust emission rules (EPA). These generators have a high initial cost, but they can cost 40-45 percent less in the long run than diesel generators, because to the on-site supply of natural gas, which drives the generators.

Bi-Fuel Hybrid Generators

These generators may run on diesel alone or with a mix of natural gas (49%) and diesel (50%) as the name implies (51 percent ). In both circumstances, the generator will produce the same amount of electricity and will meet the required environmental criteria. This generator is available for hire or purchase in a variety of types that can create single-phase electricity at 120V/240V/277V and three-phase power at 208V/240V/416V/480V, depending on their capabilities. The Isuzu Tier 3 engines power all these gensets.

Systems for Paralleling Generators

In any case, generator paralleling systems provide for such solutions. In this regard, a variety of service providers offer qualified equipment that ensures competent power generating load-sharing capabilities. When you run numerous generators in parallel, you get a lot of benefits. Operational flexibility, dependability, expandability, power availability, fuel savings, cost savings, and easy maintenance scheduling are just a few of the advantages.

Light Towers That Can Be Moved

It is critical to create a brighter, safer, and hence more productive atmosphere when working in the oilfield. This is where the necessity for portable light towers comes from. Companies in this industry provide towers that are well-equipped to illuminate the darkest, harshest, and roughest of drilling areas. Light tower systems in various capacities ranging from 4000kW to 20000kW are available from these firms, depending on your needs. These movable light towers can meet all of your oilfield illumination needs.